Solid Wood Floor Cleaning

Solid wood flooring is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful natural floor coverings.

Each board is unique, they are warm and durable and once soiled beyond effective cleaning, they can be sanded and resealed multiple times.

We can assist you in cleaning solid wood floors, with timber specific:

  • Eco-friendly, non toxic cleaning solutions.
  • Low moisture & low Abrasion brushing equipment, 
  • Low moisture extraction equipment 
  • Polishing machinery


If your wood flooring is beyond the stage of effective cleaning and maintenance we will advise you of this and can offer a floor sanding process to completely remove existing coatings and resurface the timber.

After cleaning or Sanding we can select from an extensive range of premium wood finishes such as 

  • Water based Acrylic or Urethane Resins
  • Wood Stains
  • Natural Oil   
  • UV wax
  • Varnish.