Marmoleum and Linoleum in Edinburgh and Borders

Marmoleum and Linoleum

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Cleaning Marmoleum and Linoleum

Marmoleum & Linoleum are designed to have a protective sealer applied after installation, this protective surface is burnished to create a glossy hard shell that absorbs abrasive damage and soiling rather than the surface of the Marmoleum.

It can be maintained for extended periods with light abrasive floor pads, and topical maintenance products.

Restoring and Maintaining Marmoleum and Linoleum

Polished Marmoleum and Linoleum require periodic stripping and re application of sealer when it had become too damaged and soiled to be restored with routine maintenance.

Marmoleum and linoleum flooring are both made from natural materials, such as linseed oil, wood flour, and pigments that are renewable and biodegradable.

They are one of the most sustainable and eco friendly floor covering options available, known for their durability, sustainability, and vibrant colours and are also highly biodegradable when disposed of.

They have some specific requirements for cleaning and maintenance that we can helpy you with.

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Whatever you need with regard to marmoleum & linoleum floor cleaning, we can help.